Beef on the internet

The New York Times today ran an interesting story on an old topic: beef between rappers in the hip-hop community. The article focuses on Joe Budden, a new school rapper, and Raekwon, a 90s rap relic, famous for being a member of Wu-Tang Clan.

Budden has built a following, and a means of attack, via the internet. He actively posts YouTube videos and Tweets about other hip-hop artists. Raekwon, however, is one of the old guard. Then rappers talked shit about one another over the radio or on bootleg records. Times have changed.

After Budden’s recent internet attacks on Method Man, another member of  Wu-Tang, Raekwon fought back with fists and camera. He and his entourage jumped Budden, beating him badly. This time it was caught on video and will likely surface online giving Budden a taste of his own medicine. Hip-hop stars are fighting via new media. How very savvy.