A new approach to urbanity

Who says architecture is just about buildings? To European design studios Feld72 and Raumlabor, architecture is a more loosely defined term that encompasses all aspects of social and urban interaction. Take the traffic jam project, in which members of Feld72 rode on motorscooters in between lanes of slow-moving traffic, handing drivers activity packs stuffed with items like balloons and squirt guns which they could use to interact with other drivers on the road. While shooting neighboring cars with streams of water would definitely never fly in the US, Feld72′s experiments with space get much more complicated, like the Million Donkey Hotel, located in a small town near Napoli. The term hotel is also used loosely. It’s more of a temporary, multi-purpose space located in one of the many abandoned buildings in Europe. Like most of these projects, it’s difficult to define exactly what it is, but then again, where’s the fun in that?