Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries presents

If you go to the LACMA home page right now you won’t see a list of current exhibitions or visitor information. Instead you’ll be treated to the moving, talking, walking text-based piece “Hey, Where’d All the Smart Guys Go?” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. After you see this you’ll of course want to see more, like Dakota (which reminds me of the trailers for Stanley Kubrick’s DR. STRANGELOVE or A CLOCKWORK ORANGE), or The Sea.

Both of these, like all their work, is set to jazz. Some pieces are also narrated by a computer’s voice, like “Résumé I,” their “cover” of Archie and the Drells’ “Tighten Up,” which plays underneath a scrolling résumé that contains a lot of words but very little information about the people behind it all.