Transgender kids say the smartest things

Thanks to a tip from Goodvibes, we just watched this short and sweet clip from Jasmine, a 7-year-old transgender* kid who’s wise beyond her years. It reminded us of an excellent This American Life episode from earlier this year which features a touching story of two 8-year-olds who meet up when their families attend a conference on transgender parenting. Like with Jasmine, the philosophical maturity of these two girls is awe-inspiring. And when you hear how one of the girls’ fathers refuses to accept her as a her, you will cry. “Tom Girls” is the second story thirty minutes into this episode which is called “Somewhere Out There“, but if you’ve got an hour, the whole thing (which was actually their sort of anti-Valentine’s Day special) is worth a listen. Especially since Mike Birbiglia‘s last story about his horrible high school girlfriend will turn those tears of sadness into to tears of joy.

*(By the way, when is spellcheck going to recognize “transgender” as a legitimate word?!)