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The real artists of New York City

Bravo, the network that made Project Runway, Top Chef and all those Housewives famous, is at again. This time they’re going high-brown rather than the usual low. Casting a new series, produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, the network held a call for artists looking to be the next big Warhol. Yes, a reality show competition pitting artists in weekly challenges. Yikes.

While I am a big fan of Bravo I am doubtful the art world will translate into compelling television. But their track record is impressive so I am withholding judgment until the first elimination. The New York Times wonders “What would be the equivalent, for example, of a “quickfire challenge,” the part of “Top Chef” in which cooks have to whip up a dish lightning fast? Life drawing with a stopwatch? Found-art scavenger-hunt race? Best post-ironic conceptual gambit in under a minute?”

It has all the makings of being either brilliant or God awful. The Wall Street Journal filmed the hopefuls in the video above.