The other penguin

Gay penguins everywhere must be upset over the news out of San Francisco this week. Harry and Pepper, once a happily coupled gay duo, have split up according to zoo officials. And no, the reason does not seem to be another man. Another woman has gotten between the love birds.

Linda is a penguin known for her deviant behavior in the tank. She once left a lover for a much older penguin right after that penguin’s lifetime companion passed away. Now she’s moved on to the gays and has broken up Harry and Pepper’s relationship. She gets around. Of course Pepper’s remained a homo. When you’re named Pepper it’s obvious you’re going to be queer. Proving that bisexuality exists not only in the human world, but also in the animal kingdom, these penguins may be in the news yet again.

Pepper, who had been removed from the colony to not cause drama, has now been reinstated. I’m hoping he gives her a piece of his mind. Or at least a pinch with his beak!