The Saudi Arabia of cliches

A view of one of the Saudi Arabias of wind — Texas

The US’ discussion over our energy future hasn’t just produced many innovative ideas for harnessing cleaner and renewable sources of power; it’s also given rise to its own collection of cliches.  Arguably, the most prevalent among these is “_______ (a location) is the Saudi Arabia of _________ (an energy source)” You’ve heard ‘em: “Texas is the Saudi Arabia of wind,” “Arizona/Nevada is the Saudi Arabia of solar,” etc., etc.

The New York Times‘ Green Inc. blog decided to find an alternative to this well-worn (and often inaccurate) metaphor by asking readers to come up with better descriptions for a state/region/country’s energy resources. Today, they announced the winners. Among them:

  • _______ is the El Dorado of green power
  • _______ is the Homer Simpson’s stomach of _____

And, perhaps my favorite…

  • _______ is the Rush Limbaugh of wind.

Green Inc.’s contest is over; that doesn’t mean you can’t get those wheels turning to see what you can come up with… share them with us below.

Image credit: the russians are here at Flickr under a Creative Commons license