Phat girls

Across the world high school gay boys and fat girls are finding solace in each other’s company. Forged in the solitude of being misfits, it’s a bond that’s unbreakable: fat girls and the homos they love.

So of course we queers clamor for Beth Ditto, the big-voiced and bigger-bellied lead singer of The Gossip. About to launch a new album, Ditto also recently turned in a convincing role as fashion designer. But unlike other rockstars Gwen Stefani and Beyonce, Ditto’s designing for a much bigger demographic. And by bigger I mean dress size, not audience numbers.

Her collection for the UK-based Evans is full of sweater-dresses, leggings, and leather. Perfect for dancing the night away at gay discos. And if you look at who attended the launch party-Simon Cowell and Kate Moss among them-you’d know that maybe, just maybe, those skinny bitches on the catwalk’s days are numbered.