Non-stop Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh is a busy, busy man. You would think CHE: PART ONE and TWO and THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE would be enough films for one director to release in a year, but come September Soderbergh will add one more to the list: THE INFORMANT! starring a pudgy Matt Damon as a CEO with a conscience who informs on his company as FBI agent 0014 (because he’s twice as smart as James Bond). Also appearing is my teenage crush Scott Bakula, Tony Hale (who gets to wear a suit and talk like a normal person) and Joe McHale of E!’s “The Soup” a.k.a my favorite half hour of television.

Soderbergh isn’t taking a vacation any time soon. He’s currently in production of an UNTITLED SPALDING GREY PROJECT as well as MONEYBALL, a Brad Pitt vehicle. More ambitious still is CLEO, slated for release in 2011, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cleopatra. Let’s hope it meets a better fate than it’s 1963 counterpart.