Last Day of TED Oxford

Another inspiring TED Global Conference concluded earlier today. Held in Oxford, “The Substance of Things Not Seen” featured TED Talks from the usual suspects: astrophysicists, philosophers, musicians, artists, politicians, athletes, inventors and journalists with job titles like Space Jumper, Complexity Decoder, and Aquatic Ape Theorist. Graphic design superstar Stefan Sagmeister was one of the first to speak in Session 1 on Tuesday, followed by actor Stephen Fry whose new documentary series “Last Chance to See” will focus on species extinction. I’m most looking forward to seeing the TED Talk given by neuroscientist Henry Markram. Markram is the director of Blue Brain, “a supercomputing project that can model components of the mammalian brain to precise cellular detail and simulate their activity in 3D.” 

Brother Paulus Terwitte, a Capuchin monk, wrapped up the festivities with an optimistic closing talk. ”Every man has the inner point of everything in themselves…if we were to take 15 minutes to meditate, to go on vacation without our mobiles, to make it one day without the Internet we would find that we are all creative human beings and we would find the source that connects us all.” You can read more about his talk and see the running notes from all the sessions here.

Registration is now open for TEDIndia 2009.