Green tech finds (7/30/09)

From Spain to Toledo, green tech stories are popping up everywhere. Here’s your round-up for the week.

  • Electric vehicles are winners on CO2 emissions: DVICE crunches the numbers, and finds that, even when electricity comes from coal-fired power plants, EVs produce less CO2 than gas-powered cars. (via AutoBlog Green)

  • Solar Mudhens: Rust-belt poster child Toledo, OH, is on its way to reinventing itself as a hub of solar manufacturing.

  • Blimp-ing across the pond: Spanish company Turtle Airships has developed plans for a solar-powered airship (i.e., blimp) that can carry passengers from New York to Paris. (via Cleantechnica)

  • But can it still support King Kong? One of the US’ most iconic buildings, the Empire State building, is undergoing green upgrades that will make its operation up to 40% more energy efficient. (via Green Living Ideas)

  • Build your own low-tech composting toilet: Flush toilets don’t just use water unwisely; we’re also flushing away a great source of nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Homegrown Evolution has published details on how to build your own “humanure” toilet. (via Green Upgrader)

  • Calculate the energy costs of your IT configuration: Dell has released a new energy savings calculator that, according to GreenerComputing, “…allows a customer to view power consumption for individual components, such as monitors or graphics cards, and compare the current savings to older configurations.”

  • Charge!: Kinesis’ new battery charger (which is finally available for purchase) can harness both solar and wind power. (via Treehugger)

  • That’s silly…: Many green tech innovations are forward-thinking, efficient, or just plain cool.  Others, however, are, well… stupid.

That’s a wrap… let up know what we missed in the comments.