Green meets gay: Seattle's OUT for Sustainability

From Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to Bruno, the portrayal of gay men and other members of the LGBT community in popular culture almost always include a healthy dose of materialism/consumerism. Seattle’s OUT for Sustainability doesn’t necessarily exist to challenge those stereotypes, but its mission of “[bringing] the LGBT community together with social and environmental sustainability” could have that effect.

Founded at the beginning of the year by Gerod Rody and Julian O’Reilley, the group’s already sponsored “Earth Gay” events on Earth Day,  published a educational brochure for greening one’s participation in the annual Pride event, and promotes DIY events, including a monthly “Queer Stitch and Bitch.”

Rody told the Seattle Times‘ Jerry Large that OUT for Sustainability is an effort to fill a gap of organizations that bring together sustainability and sexual orientation/gender identity: “The sustainability movement is more than a subculture now… and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people are moving toward the mainstream. It felt like the right time to do some matchmaking.

Image credit: OUT for Sustainability