Durex sells sex well

When every product from cars to instant rice tries to use sex to sell itself, it’s refreshing to see a commercial actually using sex appropriately. A new one from Durex (the first in the list of 5 below) reminded us that they’re the leaders in sex accessory promotion, with funny, clever, provocative, often US-banned spots that are sexier and subtler than any cheap Carl’s Jr ads:

1. We love when sex isn’t just limited to hot 20-something models with eating disorders (via Gawker):

2. How can you not love an ad that uses Olive Oil’s love song from 1980′s Popeye . . . to promote anal play?:

3. The (in)famous “Get It On” ad — you’ll never look at balloon animals in the same way again. Be sure to check out the three fun “outtakes“:

4. Hilarious. Though why they wouldn’t use this as an opportunity to promote condom use as well is beyond us:

5. Anything that promotes women’s orgasms gets a high five from us (even if we have no idea what they’re saying):