A Dilettante’s Dispatch: Chanel

A Dilettante’s Dispatch is a series of posts from a jet-setting friend of ours, Arturo. Watch for more in the coming days.

OMG, I forgot to mention in my last post that I saw Ewan McGregor — my number-one celebrity exception — at L’Eclairuer. Beautiful, and wisely checking out a pair of Rick Owens motorcycle boots. Unfortunately he was with his wife and children, and therefore unlikely to fall prey to my waning charms.

In any event, Chanel. I’m not going to review the fashion, as I’m hardly qualified, and I don’t want to piss anyone off…yet. That said, the clothes at Chanel were quite shiney and elaborate and seemed well positioned to appeal to rich ladies in Texas and Russia. (See if you can spot me in the crowd!)

Speaking of which, watching the rich ladies was the most fun part of the show. The are definitely VVIPS, and given that there only a few real couture clients in the whole world, the are treated very well by the houses. Just after the show ends, the celebrity coordinator and the client manager, manage access to Karl ruthlessly, ensuring that only the biggest editors and biggest clients make it into the scrum o the runway. It is amazing to see these wives of billionaires jostle and fight their way in to congratulate their guru. In a weird way, the show becomes a unique, if private, leveler.

Creatively the show itself was spectacular, with a booming mix of songs from previous Chanel campaigns — Egoiste, etc — guiding the walkers in their poses against a stage of giant white and black Chanel bottles. The Grand Palais setting was dramatic, and the rainbow arching over the petit palais as we entered, set a custom made tone. While French friends found it tacky, I quite liked the bridal finale, with the bride and groom suddenly appearing, to a thumping version of the wedding march, from within one of the bottles on the set.

Celeb wise, the show was wonderfully light, with the glorious exceptions of Marion Cotillard and Anna Mougalis.

Next…Jean Paul Gaultier.

- Arturo