Without you she's nothing

Tonight lesbian icon Sandra Bernhard will perform her classic show Without You I’m Nothing at New York City’s Town Hall. The one woman show played off-Broadway as the 80s died down and it was her creative, critical and commercial peak. She’s not danced with mainstream crossover possibilities since. Roseanne doesn’t count.

If you’re in New York you should check out the show. In London it pleased many as she apparently covers Christina Aguilera and lambastes her much more famous ex, Madonna. They don’t make them like this anymore: angry, troubled, talented in that Warhol Superstar kind of way. That mold broke decades ago.

Also fitting is that the photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders this week debuted a portrait series for the Huffington Post. He’ll be debuting portraits exclusively for that blog and telling the stories behind the shoots. His first subject is Ms. Bernhard.

As if the reemergence of cocaine at cocktail parties and bad dance pop on the radio hadn’t proved it, the late 80s are back.