Was 30 Rock inspired by The Muppet Show?

In a surprisingly convincing analysis, blogger Brian Lynch points out a number of major structural parallels between 30 Rock and The Muppet Show. The similarities are so great that they almost seem like they were intentional–however unlikely that might be. Liz Lemon is Kermit, Jenna Maroney is Miss Piggy, Kenneth is Scooter, and so forth. As Lynch explains,

Each week, our smart yet neurotic lead character has to manage a group of wacky misfits and put on a weekly sketch comedy show. Which show am I talking about? 30 ROCK plays like NBC went to JJ Abrams and told him to reboot THE MUPPET SHOW. “Do what you did with STAR TREK. Make it hipper, more adult. Maybe lose the puppets to allow more time for product placement.”

Read the whole thing here.

[via Maura Johnston.]