"TheyFit" condoms — first come, first served

TheyFit Condoms were the first sized-to-fit condoms available a few years back. (Before ordering, you actually needed to use their Fit Kit™ to measure “the Johnson in question.”) It was a revolutionary idea, but then they mysteriously disappeared from the market. Now they’re back at Condomania for a limited time, so we asked their CEO Adam Glickman what was up:

Why did TheyFit disappear in the first place?
Because of some of the complexity surrounding a line of sized-to-fit condoms in over 55 sizes. While the safety and integrity of the condoms were never an issue, there were some new technical issues and documentation requirements to address.

Why are they back?
They’re back for only a limited time because we do not have a commitment from the manufacturer that they will continue making them.  Therefore, we are limited at the moment to only what we have in stock.  First come, first served ;-)

It’s our understanding that the better the fit, the less likely they are to break, correct?
You’re right: we know that condoms that fit properly significantly reduce breakage and slippage, especially for the 25% of the male population that is below average in size and the 25% of the male population that is above average in size (average is defined as between 5” and 6” in length).  TheyFit condoms run from 3” to over 9” in length with varying proportional widths across more than 55 sizes.

And how about sensation?
We also know that condoms fitted to the centimeter provide a much better sexual experience.  Aside from the increase in confidence that comes from knowing that your condoms are not likely to either slip off (much to the relief of our smaller brothers out there) or pop like balloons (a common fear of the big boys), condoms that fit correctly are much easier to apply, only roll down to the base, and are much more comfortable from top to bottom for heightened sexual pleasure.

Like the Polaroid, it’s a great product that’s not going to last, so check ‘em out and consider stocking up.