THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST, hosted by Josh Dorfman, screens Tuesdays at 9PM on Sundance Channel.

I’m really excited about this first episode. I think that viewers will hopefully find this show to feel different than many other environmental shows that they’ve watched before. One of the primary reasons is that in this show we don’t engage in “green show and tell” by which I mean simply presenting eco-friendly options for the camera without anyone being able to evaluate them. Instead, I set out to see how well many of the most cutting-edge environmental alternatives perform under real life conditions based on the feedback and opinions of our “heroes” who are trying out my suggestions in each episode.

Shooting “Lazy Family” was very cool and very challenging. Jess, the father, was extremely resistant to change. We had several lively debates about whether global warming is really happening. At one point, we walked outside to investigate the family’s gigantic mounds of trash in the backyard. Jess turned to me, stomped his foot on the grass, and asked, “See, Josh, did you hear anyone say ‘ouch’”? As I stared at him blankly trying to comprehend his meaning, he stated it clearly for me, “I’m telling you, Mother Nature doesn’t have any feelings.”

So that’s what I was up against.

You’ll see as the segment unfolds that Jess and I start to find some common ground as we attempt to implement a zero-waste BBQ for his family and their guests. Though, at one point, while Jess and I were debating the merits of environmental action on camera the producers called “cut” and took me aside for a pep talk, “Listen, Josh,” they said, “You’re doing really good, but Jess is actually make better points than you. He’s winning.”

I responded by saying, “Yeah but I’m trying to have a conversation with a guy who refuses to believe that global warming is real about the merits of taking environmental action.”

“Exactly!” they said. “Figure it out. Go ‘Lazy Environmentalist’ on him!”

Going ‘Lazy Environmentalist’ on him means finding ways to show Jess that going green is not just in the planet’s interest but that it’s also directly in his self-interest too. Check out the episode to see how well I managed to pull it off.

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