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In this episode I’m challenged to help green a wedding that’s already well into its planning. The challenge itself was really fun especially because the groom shared my aversion to all things both “eco” and “beige.” That was one of the first rules that the couple set – no beige at the wedding no matter what. And thank God! I see no reason why environmentally friendly choices shouldn’t be outstanding and make a wedding even more beautiful or tasty or memorable precisely because of the fact that they are eco-friendly. To my way of thinking, green should be an experiential enhancer. When we make the best choices green choices we make it so easy for people to engage in positive change. I’m not married yet but I can promise that beige will never be in my wedding’s color scheme.

I won’t give away the solutions we come up with and how well they work out, but I can share with you a little bit of what it was like to be a random guest at the actual wedding. For starters, during the ceremony I was seated next to a guy who was a driver in the Teamsters, and I quickly learned, that many of the other ominous-looking dudes with long goatees were also very active in the Teamsters. I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to find common ground with them. And since the producers had specifically forbid me from doing shots at the bar, I was thinking that I’d have to rely on some other friend-begetting wedding techniques.

However, I soon found that my consternation was really for nought. While the film crew went to have dinner out back, I was seated with the guests at one of the tables and told by the producers to integrate. I made friends with one of the grandmas – usually a wise thing to do – and she was quite pleased to learn that I was there to help make the wedding more eco-friendly. She got the attention of her son, one of the scary looking, tattoo-clad guys, and pointing toward me said, “He’s here to make the wedding more eco-friendly.” The dude took a moment to look me over and finally exclaimed, “That’s awesome! That’s the kind of change we need!”

So I learned, once again, to never judge a book by its cover and never assume to know who’s going to share our values about protecting the planet. I believe that the great majority of Americans want to see environmental challenges solved. They want to find ways to be part of the solution. They just don’t want to change how they live just to do something about it. As the Lazy Environmentalist, my job is to help figure this puzzle out for them.

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