Study: Some playas are just spreading the love

photo by quaziefoto

Where would this blog be without all the scientists who study why we do the things we do in bed? They’ve debunked the beer goggles theory, taught us that even cheaters’ guilt is selfish, and confirmed Paula Abdul’s hypothesis that opposites attract. And the latest breaking news from the lab? Not all players are cold-hearted snakes. Researchers at Villanova and Rutgers charted personality traits against bedpost notches. They weren’t surprised to discover that dominant people have more notches than wall flowers, on average. But what did shock them was the finding that people who have very warm personalities are just as likely to sleep around as people with very cold personalities — while people who are somewhere in between warm and cold get around a lot less. This held true for both men and women, and for all manner of sex acts, from making out to making lurve.

Well, we don’t need Paula Abdul to tell us why cold people are promiscuous — they hate spooning and don’t mind breaking hearts. But researcher Patrick Markey from Villanova University has this to say for the warm-hearted: “Some people might sleep with multiple partners not because they are selfish but because they view sexual activity as an extremely warm activity and want to share it with others.” We suppose this could explain the recent outbreak of cases of “intimacy lite.” However, we still don’t think the excuse will hold up in the court of love (that’d be our court).