New meme alert!

Along with playing a useful role in sociopolitical upheavals, Twitter also seems to be fertile grounds for the development of memes, such as this latest one involving Michigan Representative Pete Hoekstra after he tweeted the following specious comment: “Iranian twitter activity similar to what we did in House last year when Republicans were shut down in the House.” It’s similar, except not at all. Having tossed this giant softball in the cyber air, Twitterers started taking the proverbial swing at him. Talking Points Memo collected some of the home runs:

chrisbaskind @petehoekstra My neighbor stopped me to talk today. Now I know what it is like to be questioned by the Basij!

MattOrtega Walked out onto Constitution Ave in D.C. and was almost hit by a taxi. Reminded me of Tienanmen Square.

TahirDuckett @petehoekstra ran through the sprinklers this morning, claimed solidarity with victims of Hurricane Katrina

Here’s mine:

@petehoekstra Yesterday I got splashed by a car on my way to dropping off laundry. Now I know what waterboarding feels like.

To view more just go to Twitter and search “@petehoekstra”.

There’s also a website now devoted to this new meme where the best @petehoekstras are LOLCatified with the text accompanied by a photo.