Want to know the lifecycle of your clothes? Track & Trace it

If you watched the second episode of ECO TRIP, you’re already aware of the lifecycle of a cotton t-shirt. But what about other items in your closet? Dutch non-profit Made-By (a project of Fair Trade NGO Solidaridad) has released Track & Trace, a web-based application that allows you to see the complete journey of a garment from a participating brand, complete with Google Maps.

Made-By functions as a information repository and certifier for the labels participating in Track & Trace; the manufacturers include a code with the garment that you can put into the system, and see the whole lifecycle laid out for you. The list of participants is pretty small (and all European) at this point, but you can see samples of manufacturer’s “trails” without a garment code. You can also watch an “infoshow” video that illustrates “the production chain in a nutshell.”

Springwise describes the concept behind Track & Trace as “turning transparency tyranny into transparency triumph.” We’re hoping its a concept that other, larger manufacturers feel compelled to emulate.

Image credits: Augapfel and flydime at Flickr under a Creative Commons license