Green tech finds (6/18/09)

Deutsche Bank’s online carbon counter

Phones, flashlights, and sweet solar-powered rides… all that and more in this week’s green tech finds.

  • Funding priorities: Is a national smart grid the best investment right now? Or would local micro-grids fed by renewable power serve us better?

  • More proof that teenagers do know it all: Fourteen-year-old David S. Dixon built “a street-legal quadricycle with a solar-powered electric motor” for a middle school project. (via Gas 2.0)

  • New Coke… bottle: The soft drink maker’s new PlantBottle incorporates 30% plant fiber, but can still be recycled with normal PET plastic. A step forward… or green “fluff?”

  • An environmentalist’s Jumbotron: Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management division has put up a real-time carbon emissions counter at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue in New York City. There’s also an online version.

  • No more dead batteries: The Light for Life flashlight costs a whopping $169, but requires no batteries, contains 3 LEDs, and can charge up in 90 seconds. (via CNET Green Tech)

  • The power-producing parking lot: British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is testing out kinetic road plates that capture energy from cars passing over them. (via EcoGeek)

  • “Government 2.0″ at work”: San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom hearts the new iPhone “Ecofinder” app.

  • Foot-powered phone charging: Attendees at next week’s Glastonbury Festival will be able to charge their phones by a mini wind turbine powered by a foot pump. (via Springwise)

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