Green tech finds (6/12/09)

It’s time for your weekly green technology fix…

  • Charge your car while you’re betting the farm? Las Vegas’ Rampart Casino now offers electric car charging… (via Gas 2.0)

  • Maybe it’ll hit 10 mpg? Ferrari has confirmed that it’s got a hybrid concept vehicle in the works.

  • Leapfrogging lithium-ion batteries: That’s the goal of researchers at Canada’s University of Waterloo, who are hard at work on a much more efficient (and maybe cheaper) lithium-sulfur battery. (via EcoGeek)

  • Wind on the wane? Oh, irony: a (very preliminary) study scheduled for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research suggests that global warming may be causing drops in US wind speed.

  • Forgot to charge your phone? No problem… Nokia‘s working on “technology that could draw enough power from ambient radio waves to keep a cell-phone handset topped up.” (via CNET Green Tech)

  • Need a biodiesel fill-up? The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Department of Energy have released TransAtlas, an online map for alternative fuel facilities, as well as location with a high density of alt fuel vehicles, and even production facilities. (via earth2tech)

  • Maybe teenagers do know everything: 15 year old Javier Fernández-Han won Ashoka’s Invent Your World Challenge with his design of a complex algae energy system “which can treat waste, produce methane and bio-fuel, and is a source of livestock and human food production.” (via Cleantechnica)

What’d we miss? Let us know in the comments…

Image courtesy of EV-Charge America