Gay for dummies: Flagging

In an effort to educate the straight masses and promote the gay agenda across as many platforms as possible today, we debut a new feature for the month of June, Gay Pride month: Gay for Dummies.

Homoculture is broad and confusing, girls. Just the other day a married mother of one innocently asked me in an email “Bradford, what are poppers?”  At that point I realized I could help. Not just her, but all the clueless straight folks out there. I am here for you.

So our first entry in Gay for Dummies is one all gay people know, yet very few love, the art of flagging. Flagging, in some circles called fan-dancing, is a dance involving two pieces of fabric, often times weighted, being spun around under disco lights. The dancer is typically elevated to create a dramatic effect. They usually position themselves at eye level in the middle of a crowded club or bar. This is not good.

If you go to any gay dance club you will see these flaggers. Where these “flaggers” come from is a mystery to most gays. Ask any homo you know what he thinks of flagging and he’ll grunt and curse about that one time at some circuit party where he nearly lost an eye due to some irresponsible flagger on ecstasy. What? You don’t know what a circuit party is?

That’s another post for later this week…