Gay challenge

At a flea market last week I stumbled upon this little item. I’m not sure what caught my eye more, the hard bodied construction workers or the price tag (seriously mr. flea market vendor, $20 a yard? You can get it for much less at eQuilter), but it seems that I also inadvertently stumbled upon a quilting subculture. These stereotypically gay fabric patterns come in several different flavors from burly fireman to gym rat camp counselor. Wouldn’t that make a cute matching bed skirt/sham set? But for those with more conservative tastes (all of you who fantasize about working men with their shirts on, thank you very much) try the pattern of gay postal workers, UPS delivery men, and yes, even the perky little paper boy makes an appearance.

So yes, this fabric pattern exists, but has anyone ever actually made anything out of this? Therein lies today’s challenge: make something with this fabric.