Gay animal kingdom

While the issue of same sex relationships ruffles the feathers of various tribes among the supposedly higher brain functioning bipedal primate sub species of homo sapiens, this is barely a controversy in the rest of the animal kingdom who seem to all shrug their collective shoulders or fins or wings at gay and lesbian lifestyles. Scienceray lists ten animals comfortable with same sex partnerships.

In Germany’s Bremerhaven zoo almost a third of the penguins have formed same sex relationships. So, when one pair of heterosexual Humboldt’s penguins adamantly refused to incubate their egg the keepers turned in despair to Z and Vielpunkt, two gay males in a relationship and with an obvious hankering for adoption. The egg has now successfully hatched and the pair is looking after the chick as if it were their own.

Hopefully soon our species will consider these relationships as natural as the rest of our fellow neighbors on this blue planet we all call home.