Father as photographer, daughter as muse

When Jack Radcliffe’s daughter Alison was born, he photographed her the way any loving parent would, which is to say a lot. The difference between Jack and most fathers is that his enthusiasm for his subject didn’t wane as she grew older, and what began as family snap shots turned into a much bigger project.

Clicking through the photos of Alison reveals more than just a record of her physical change. As she goes from toddler to gothed-out teenager to young woman to wife, there is something else at work. It says a lot about the strength of the father-daughter relationship behind the photos, which is not to say that this kind of bond is so uncommon, but not every little girl has a real photographer for a dad to document it. The photos do, however, stop somewhere, which leaves me wondering whatever happened to Alison? Part of that mystery can be solved by visiting her MySpace page where she sells art, sings gospel music, and has her dad in her top three.