Evolution of a dance party

Beshart, a visual communication studio, created this stop-motion animation of headphones doing some synchronized dancing in this fun video, which was created with 1500 photographs taken over 3 days.

Ooh Yeah – dancing headphones from beshart on Vimeo.

Semi-relatedly, I have to share this video recording (rapidly making the rounds as the “feel good video of the week”) that depicts the evolution of a dance party at a recent outdoor concert. The quality of the video and well, the quality of the guy’s dance leaves a lot to be desired and might compel you to move on to something else. Well, DON’T! Stay tuned because the payout as more and more people finally join him on the grassy dance floor is completely uplifting. The next time you see a solitary dancer, don’t just stand there. Get up and join them! Or better yet, YOU start the dance party.