Digging it

I have a great love of all things gay and also of interior design. So it would make great sense to assume a website that combines the two would get me excited. Lurrid Digs (NSFW) definitely gets a rise out of me, but in that squirming-I-cannot-believe-these-people-are-real kinda way. It freaks me out!

Combining a critique of bad interior design mixed with Internet hook-up images, the site spotlights “horrifying gay amateur interiors.” It is most definitely not safe for work. Or even for your home.

The site’s editorial board states “for us at Luriddigs.com the charm of amateur pics has never involved the vulnerability displayed by the model’s self-willed nudity. As soon as a JPEG has fully loaded in our browser, we immediately begin to scour the image’s background in search of clues and signs that are a thousand times more intriguing than bare butts or engorged genitalia. Interiors are like handwriting, and for those who know how to decipher the mishaps of furniture meeting form, many secrets are revealed. Join us inside, while our snooty panel plumbs the background life of the Net’s most audacious and careless interior designers.”

Rather than spending hours cruising Craigslist for these images, these guys do all the work, condensing and editing the best of the best. Like a traffic accident, I cannot look away.