Diane von Furstenberg on the High Line

Sundancechannel.com is thrilled to present our guest blogger this week – the beautiful and inspirational Diane von Furstenberg! The designer was an early proponent of the High Line and continues to lend her support to the exciting new elevated park (now open – see New York Times) in Manhattan. Read her post below:

Diane von Furstenberg with Friends of the High Line co-founders, Joshua David and Robert Hammond

by Diane von Furstenberg

I moved downtown in 1998 when I decided to start my company again. I bought a carriage house on West 12th Street and turned it into a studio. When you move to a new neighborhood you make friends and amongst them, I got to know Josh and Robert. Their dreams to save the High Line was a nice idea, but with zero chance to succeed. Still, their passion and enthusiasm was contagious and I hosted their first fundraiser. Little by little because of determination, earnestness and help from Amanda Burden (NYC Planning Commission Chair) the dream started looking less like a dream…officials got involved, supported it and it became a reality.

Diane von Furstenberg and Secretary of State (then New York Senator) Hillary Clinton on the High Line

Who says dreams cannot happen in NYC? We now have a new park, an elevated green ribbon that will go from Gansevoort to Javits Center, a place that will allow children to walk through the city without crossing the streets, and a place where people will meet, sit and lay in the sun!


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