David de Rothschild's Adventure Ecology hosts SMART Art competition

What is David de Rothschild doing when he’s not building plastic boats, or tracking down the lifecycles of everyday products? Well, in one case, he’s judging artwork. de Rothschild’s Adventure Ecology, its Sculpt the Future Foundation, and the Lincart Gallery in San Francisco are hosting the SMART Art — Trash into Treasure exhibit through June 27th.

The exhibit’s purpose is “to show the world that discarded items can be re-designed, re-used and re-thought into works of art and every day functional items.” On May 28th, the exhibit opened with a presentation of awards to the works that a distinguished panel of judges deemed the best of those submitted. Winners included Harriete Estel Berman for her sculpture grass’gras (pictured above), Julia Goodman for Certain in Nothing New (below), and Scott Oliver’s The Valley (also below). You can visit the exhibit’s online gallery for a larger set of images from the show; Berman also has a video on YouTube about the creation of her work.