Chilean wines going green

The next time you’re at the wine shop trying to figure out which wineries produce vintages that fit your palate and green values, you may want to consider a bottle from Chile: according to wine writer Tim Pawsey, the country “already practices significant sustainable viticulture, and is a leader in biodynamic farming.” Currently, thirty-two wineries in the country use organic production methods, and about 2% of wine-growing land is devoted to organic agriculture.

Looking for recommendations? Several wine writers around the web have highlighted “green” Chilean wines that they really like.

  • Caliterra: Pawsey recommends their ’08 Sauvignon Blanc, and their ’07 Cabernet Sauvignon, and notes that senior winemaker Sergio Cuadra’s sustainable practices are leading the way to broader sustainability in the Chilean wine industry.

  • Vinedos Emiliana: Megan Witherspoon of Wine Conscience loves their Natura Sauvignon Blanc, and outlines the variety of green and socially responsbile practices the vinter has incorporated into its business model.

  • Cono Sur: Matthew Scott at vlog A Good Time With Wine speaks well of this vineyard’s Vision Pinot Noir. Cono Sur devotes over 210 hectares to organic production.

Tarapaca Vineyard‘s Natura Plus, a blend of Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, and Merlot also received high marks in several places, but I was unable to find information about any of their larger sustainability practices.

Know of a good organic or biodynamic wine from Chile that we missed? Share it below. And keep in mind that, while “green” wines from abroad are a good step forward, make sure to look out for local vintages, also… you may be surprised what you find.

Image credit: P_R_ at Flickr under a Creative Commons license