Catherine Deneuve – An Actress for all Seasons

Catherine Deneuve stars in APRÈS LUI – premiering on Sundance Channel July 2nd.

Arguably the most well known French actress in America, Catherine Deneuve continues to mesmerize her audiences on both shores with her deeply realistic portrayals of women in desperate circumstances. As Junon in 2008′s UN CONTE DE NOEL, Deneuve faced leukemia and a highly dysfunctional family with dignity and humor and was awarded a special prize at Cannes for her performance.

In the haunting APRES LUI (premiering on Sundance Channel in July) Deneuve again digs deep into her trove of emotions. As Camille, she faces the unexpected loss of her son and her subsequent obsession with his best friend who was with him when he died.

Catherine Deneuve with director/writer Gaël Morel on the set of APRES LUI.

Deneuve often goes out of her way in interviews to credit directors (in this case Gaël Morel) for “pulling the performances out of [her]” but humbly neglects to recognize the immense depth she brings to their table in the first place. As a younger woman, her extraordinary beauty almost overshadowed the recognition of her acting talents – but her careful selection of projects and directors over the years has left her in the enviable position of being a highly sought-after (and still beautiful) actress in her mid 60′s.

Unpredictable, moving and startlingly real, don’t miss Catherine Deneuve in APRES LUI on Sundance Channel. (check screening times here)

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