Blood, Sweat + Gears – Q & A with David Millar

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In response to the doping scandals that tarnished the reputation of professional cycling, former racing cyclist Jonathan “JV” Vaughters formed Slipstream, a team whose members agree to compete without the aid of any performance-enhancing drugs.

Documentary filmmaker Nick Davis chronicles the dramatic story of “the clean team” throughout 2008, a year in which the team leader was superstar David Millar — making a comeback after a doping scandal sidelined his career — and sees Slipstream win their first invitation to the Tour de France.

Check out the film in June and July on Sundance Channel (check screening times here) and read our short Q & A with David Millar below! Do you ever second guess your decision to race clean? 

David Millar: No, never, it is hard for me to express how emphatic I am in that response. What is the most difficult aspect of training?

David Millar: Starting. Why are you involved in professional cycling? 

David Millar: It’s a love thing. What are the team members from the film up to now? 

David Millar: Training, racing, eating, sleeping. A lot of us that you see in the movie –
myself, Christian, Danny and Julian – are gearing up for our second Tour as
a team.

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BLOOD, SWEAT + GEARS on Sundance Channel