All in the family

Cher’s long been an icon to the gay community. She embraced camp from the beginning of her career. She was inappropriately sexy at ages most retire. She embraced disco, and later, house, music originated in gay nightclubs. And there are countless drag queens who owe a bit of inspiration to this lady. Hell, all drag queens have been inspired by her in one way or another.

Cher was never your typical beauty. She was tall and awkward and had a strange, though fascinating, voice. She allowed different to be pretty. Mainstream. Acceptable.

It is only fitting then that Chaz Bono, once Chastity Bono, is set to become an icon to an entirely different community. Yesterday Cher’s daughter announced that she was now a he. Chaz Bono began transitioning to become a man at the beginning of this year. Hopefully, like his mother, he can inspire countless others.

This might be a good time to check out World of Wonder and Sundance Channel’s series Transgeneration. This documentary, which has such staying power, journeys alongside 4 transgendered college students for a period of a year.  Several years later its power remains.