Aleksandra Mir, Triumph

Here’s more trophy themed art: Unlike previously mentioned Yoram Wolberger’s life sized trophies, artist Aleksandra Mir subscribes to the “more is better” adage in her latest shiny installation. “Triumph” consists of 2,529 sporting trophies collected by the artist from locals in Sicily who answered her advertisement in the daily newspaper.

[As] the trophies were collected – either ones people dropped off at my studio or those we collected all over Sicily – and as my assistant Daniela Lo Re and myself came into contact with the people, it became evident that what was offered was a good opportunity to GET RID OF THEM. The trophies that are in my collection have all been donated because of an urge to ‘let go’ of an attachment to the past: to clean out cluttered spaces; to shed old, stagnant relations; to free oneself from the material burden or the symbolic power of the trophy itself. This psychological state of ‘letting go’ interests me the most in the project, next to, perhaps, the seemingly unlimited variety of the designs.