Trial lawyers go green: Florida "living building" nears first anniversary

Utter the phrase “trial lawyer” in public, and you may hear responses such “ambulance chaser” and “bottom-feeder.” Lake Worth, Florida’s Romano Law Group may either take umbrage or laugh off such labels, but they’re serious about another one they’ve acquired: green builders. The firm’s EcoCentre building turns one in June, and showcases a number of innovative technologies inspired by nature.

While the water than runs down most of our drains feeds into the sewer system, the Ecocentre feature a Living Machine® water treatment system (pictured above) that uses manufactured wetlands to treat greywater (we could definitely do without the stereotyped Native American images, though). A rainwater harvesting system collects water for flushing toilets, and even condensation from air conditioning units is collected to feed an indoor fish pond. A central atrium filled with plant life serves as the building’s “lungs.” The result, according to the South Florida chapter of the US Green Building Council (an EcoCentre tenant) is “a holistically designed structure that produces a self-sustaining eco-environment and healthy workplace.”

And, if you’re thinking that “green building” means mud-covered walls and a thatched roof, check out images of the building on Wes Blackman’s City of Lake Worth blog… the builders didn’t skimp on design!

Image courtesy of Worrell Water Technologies