Times Square Beach

A kinder and gentler traffic in Times Square.

Finally catching up to many European cities who have made their city centers “pedestrian only” for years, New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg has closed Broadway to vehicular traffic between 47th and 42nd Streets straight through the middle of Times Square in New York City. Bloomberg says that clearing both Times Square and Herald Square (from 35th to 33rd Streets on Broadway) of motorized vehicles will lower the number of pedestrian accidents and cut down on pollution.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, thousands of tourists and New Yorkers alike enjoyed the City-provided lounge chairs and various street performers in one of the busiest and most famous thoroughfares in the world.

NYC taxi drivers are irate, saying the closings will seriously hurt their business… however, tourists and local residents have weighed in with overwhelmingly positive response and business owners are optimistic.

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