The Auteurs: Netflix goes to art school

Who doesn’t love the Netflix “watch instantly” option? You thought you had it good when you didn’t have to leave your house to rent a movie. Now you don’t even have to make the long walk to your mailbox. But there’s still one thing “watch instantly” doesn’t have. Sure, it’s great for those late night cravings for SUPERBAD, but what about my sudden urge for an obscure French coming-of-age film or that last, elusive Ozu flick that stands in my way of seeing everything the Japanese master ever made?

Two words: The Auteurs. It’s pretty new so there are still a few kinks. Right now they only have a handful of films that you can actually “watch instantly,” but when those films are Les Blank’s BURDEN OF DREAMS or the Maysles’ SALESMAN, who’s complaining?

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