Star Trek singularity

Sundance Channel may not normally be in the habit of talking about mainstream summer blockbusters, but often there are interesting threads on the fringes that grow out of these pop culture behemoths.

Take Artie Vierkant, who stitched together all episodes of Star Trek Voyager into a grid in a single sped up video. Unlike most science fiction or space adventure shows, Vierkant’s clip does at least one thing right: There is no sound in space!

Star Trek Voyager Singularity (fast version) from Artie Vierkant on Vimeo.

Wired’s Danger Room puts the “sci” in “sci-fi” by discussing, with a spoiler alert warning, how anachronistic the new film’s twenty-third century warfare still is despite the technology.

The villainous Romulan ship pulverizes Federation vessels with volleys of torpedoes. Yet no Federation warship employs electronic jammers, decoys or point defense phasers. Very depressing. Two hundred years later, missile defense still doesn’t work.

Also, director JJ Abrams sits down for an interesting interview with Charlie Rose. On the other side of the ocean Tony Alleyne of Hinckley, Leicestershire dealt with his wife leaving him by building a Star Trek bachelor pad.

Of course, there’s something for sneakerheads as well. They can beam their feet into these futuristic Star Trek kicks, limited edition natch, with only 140 pairs produced.

Lastly, if you’re a die hard fan annoyed with how crowded the bandwagon has gotten and yearn for the good old days of Trek past, take a look at these rare photographs of the behind the scenes during the original Star Trek series.