Roxy Paine on the Roof

Whether you like Roxy Paine’s work or not, you probably want to touch it. You can’t help it. Since 1990, Paine has created irresistibly tactile sculptures, installations, and even the occasional painting (like the one with the paint literally dripping off the canvas) that almost always reference some aspect of the natural world. His latest work is no exception. Maelstrom, a 130 x 45 foot stainless-steel sculpture, is currently on view on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With Central Park clearly visibly in the background, Maelstrom does the nature vs. man-made structure thing, but, more than that, it creates an environment and a mood. Engineering Maelstrom was no small feat (you can watch the installation of a similar sculpture here), but this is only next in a long series of Dendroids, as Paine calls them. So far these Dendroids have made appearances at Art Basel in Switzerland, Madison Square Park, Central Park, and an empty field in Ohio.

Roxy Paine on the Roof: Maelstrom at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, April 28 – October 25, 2009