Let's play a game: sexy, sick or stupid?

photo: from Babeland’s Hello Kitty Vibrator Contest

Here’s a round-up of some new sex-related swag available. We’ll let you decide which category each falls into:

  • Babeland and Goodvibes are now carrying the old Hello Kitty “neck massager.” (Babeland’s also holding an adorable — or adorably twisted –  Hello Kitty Vibe Photo Contest through September of this year.)

  • Apparently, crotch shopping bags are in!: first the lady version from Condomi; now the hunk o’ man version from Tom of Findland.

  • Tantus has finally made their Bendover Beginner Harness Kit in another color besides the tacky “Purple Haze”: simple, sophisticated black (if anything related to tushy time can be called simple and sophisticated). Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll have to wait for retailers to put their orders in before you can get yours.

  • One of American Apparel’s coming-soon items: ass-less tights. One question: Why?

  • What’s Your Sex Appeal?” App from iTunes seems to be the top sex-related app. Consider this a public service announcement: don’t waste the time it takes to download, even though it’s free. In terms of sheer disappointment, it’s worse than the iMassage app!