Green tech finds (5/7/09)

In the spirit of Em and Lo’s “Naked News,” here’s a run-down of some of the latest green technology stories to come across the wires… not as hot, but definitely safe for work!

  • Green on the go: 3rdWhale and Creative Citizen have developed a new iPhone app: the “Creative Solution” for sustainable living. Track your eco-friendly efforts, as well as the tangible benefits (savings of energy, water, and even money). Download the app for free. (via MNN)

  • Is the Kindle a green solution? Princeton University wants to find out, and will launch a pilot project in the Fall to see if the electronic reading device “can reduce the use of paper at Princeton while preserving the benefits of the traditional classroom experience.” Amazon shareholders are already screaming “Yes! Do it!”

  • Wind power goes Web 2.0: Wind and solar energy information provider 3TIER has rolled out an API that allows third parties access to its data sets on availability of these renewable energy resources. Start Twittering you wind speeds any day now…

  • Veggie racer runs on chocolate: Vegetarian chocoholics with a need for speed rejoice! The UK’s University of Warwick has developed a Formula 3 race car made of plant fibers that runs on chocolate factory waste. (via EcoGeek)

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments…

Image credit: Mat Honan at Flickr under a Creative Commons license