Green tech finds (5/28/09)

Here’s your weekly run-down of breaking green tech stories…

  • Need a reason to spend more time on Facebook? Timberland and have you covered with their new game Earthkeeper Heroes: Mission Possible. (via sustainablog)

  • Read this… you’ll sh*t a brick: Indonesian company EcoFaeBrick has one solution for massive amounts of cow poop: make bricks from it. (via Springwise)

  • Putting off building that eco-friendly city?: Wait no longer! The Clinton Climate Initiative has partnered with Autodesk on Project Two Degrees, “an Internet-based application that provides cities with a set of tools to measure, compare, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at a local level.” Microsoft and CCI are also involved. (via

  • “Green gas station” — an oxymoron, right?: The owners of the Knightsville Kangaroo gas station in South Carolina would disagree, as their new store features recycled materials in and out, and a full range of energy-saving technology.

  • A Prius? How passé!: Jamaica’s The Gleaner reports that Toyota’s working on plans for a solar-powered car.

  • Jetskis get greener: EcoWatercraft has plans to release an all-electric personal watercraft (i.e., jetski) by the end of the year (c’mon… you know you want one!). (via EcoGeek and Cleantechnica)

  • Drink your pee… on the go: Nope, nothing kinky here (though a little gross) — designer Leonardo Manavella’s “Aqua H2O” gives new meaning to the phrase “pee in a cup…” and provides a source of drinking water for places short on this vital resource. (via Treehugger)

  • Retro Hybrid: Turns out that GM had hybrid concepts on the books as far back as 1969… maybe it’s time to pull those back out! (via Gas 2.0)

  • But do they deliver?: Architectural Association student Samantha Lee’s concept the Farmacy is “a floating urban farm that grows medicinal plants and herbs in a series of nets along the brick wall of Regent’s canal” in London. (via Inhabitat and The Design Blog)

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