Corpses do it with stiffies

photo by jurvetson

We guess it was only a matter of time before Gunther von Hagens — a.k.a. Dr. Death, as the Germans so fondly call him — decided to up the creepiness factor in his traveling Body Worlds exhibit. You know the one — cadavers displayed with their muscles, nerves, and tendons intact thanks to a preservation technique he calls plastination. All of von Hagens’ specimens signed consent forms before they died, though you have to wonder if they knew what positions they’d be getting into: One woman is in a backbend, nipples fully erect, while one guy actually has eternal jazz-hands! So much for doing it for science. But that’s all old news. The most recent exhibit, now on display at Berlin’s Postbahnhof, features two bodies in a state of sexual congress. Their position? The male corpse is lying on his back with a woman straddling him, facing away from him. In other words, yes, dear Gunther has posed his corpses in the classic Reverse Cowgirl position. (We guess death + missionary sex is soooo vanilla these days.) Of course, the prudes have already gotten all hot and bothered over this new addition to the show. But Dr. Death defends it well when he says, “Without sex no life would exist.”

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