Bike to work for health, savings, and cleaner air

The League of American Bicyclists has declared May 11 – 15 “Bike to Work Week,” and published a nine-page bike commuter guide for those of us who may still think that riding in traffic is a good way to get killed. Among the benefits of bicycle commuting:

Health: No need to worry about making time for the gym: “Ride your bike to work, and you no longer need to make time to exercise.”

Savings: According LAB, maintaining a car for a year cost $3000; keeping a bike in working order cost $300.

Clean Air: You can cut your environmental impact: “Motorized vehicles are responsible for 70% of the carbon monoxide, 45% of the nitrogen dioxide, and 34% of the hydrocarbons people produce.”

Most of all, bicycle commuting is fun: San Franciscan Jerry Edelbrock claims “I look forward to going to work as much as coming home, and I feel good about whatever I have to face.”

In addition to the commuter guide, the League has also published standards for bicycle education (PDF link), and bike-friendly communities (PDF link).

Don’t have a bike? No need to spend a ton of money on a new one: Lighter Footstep has a great guide to buying a used bicycle (and thanks to LF for the “heads up” on this story via Twitter).

Image source: striatic at Flickr under a Creative Commons license