Best green jobs list: Solar panel technician

This is the second in our list of the best green jobs as our country converts to a 21st century Green economy. If you missed it, read the first entry in the list.

Energy courses through every aspect of industrialized civilization. Since everyone can agree that polluting energy sources need to be cleaned up, solar technology seems to have an absolute advantage when it comes to providing sustainable energy. Being a solar panel technician will allow you to directly improve the environment. Every unit you install adds more alternative energy to the nation’s grid.

It is also no secret that government buildings have been given the green light to retrofit solar panel systems where applicable, it is a great time to become a Solar Panel Technician.

This job does require a certain amount of familiarity with construction work. Solar panels involve skills in plumbing, metalworking, roofing, and electrical wiring, so anyone with a construction background should already feel comfortable with this type of job. The great thing about this job is that once you get a certification as a Solar Panel Technician, you only have to compete with other people who have that same certification. Just take a look around the internet or your phone book and you will find some educational institutions. Here is one place that offers classes in the New Jersey and California areas, Boots on the Roof.

There is another online certification course available from the Sun Pirate Renewable Energy Technician Training Program. This program does seem really affordable, especially when one considers the recession. The Sun Pirate logo eyepatch on the sun is just too amusing to ignore.

The Sun Pirate company first started as solar system installation company since 1981. They were so successful with that business that they decided to start a school teaching people how to install solar systems.

Keep watching for future entries in the best green jobs list.