BabeLicious: A flavored lube we'd actually like to lick.

Everyone knows that wetter is better–but when you have to put your mouth to the moisture, well, most commercial lubes leave more than a little to be desired. Even flavored lubes aren’t particularly appealing: not only are they limited to a rather unimaginative selection of flavors–they’re also incapable of even moderately mimicking the taste they claim to offer up (last we checked, bananas didn’t taste like chemicals).

So needless to say, there’s a lot of room for improvement in the whole flavored lube department. And Babeland is looking to be the ones who provide that improvement. Their new line of “BabeLicious” flavored lubes come in fancy flavors like dulce de leche, mojito peppermint, pomegranate vanilla, and chocolate orange. At this writing, we have yet to sample the selection–but we have a hard time imagining that any of these lubes could really be worse than what’s already out there.

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