Who knew Iowa was so cool?

photo by Kables

When you think of Iowa, what do you think of? Corn, perhaps. FIELD OF DREAMS. The cornfields in FIELD OF DREAMS. Famous Iowan natives named “Wood,” like American Gothic painter Grant Wood and that adorable little hobbit, Elijah Wood. Admit it: if you were to play a word association game with Iowa, your next word would be something like “khakis” — comfy, bland, safe and unexciting.

So can you believe that Iowa just became the first state in the Midwest to approve gay marriage?!? Not just civil unions, but gay marriage. (Only two other states allow that now — Massachusetts and Connecticut — and we thought for sure Vermont was going to be number 3.) On Friday the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously concluded that an old law restricting marriage to one man and one woman was unconstitutional. The court even said gay marriages could begin in the state in just a few weeks!

So maybe Iowa is for lovers, after all. This news reminded us that this is the state where the pinnacle of cheesy modern romances — THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY — was set, where star-crossed love blossomed. Clint and Meryl’s love was a love that dare not speak its name, but now Iowan gays and lesbians can declare their love to each other loud, proud and legally.

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